Goodsell Tweed Series-Retiever Models 1&2

Introducing the Goodsell Tweed series: Three new Tweed based amps, Retriever Models 1&2. All models in a 5F2 cabinet. Available in four Cabinet finishes.
-Black Tolex w/ Silver/Blk/white Grill
-Smooth Brown Tolex w/ Beige/Brown Grill
-Blonde w/ Beige/Brown Grill
-Lacquered Tweed w/ oxblood w/ gold stripe Grill

Retriever Model 1: Class A 8watts, (1) 5881, 1x12 speaker. 

Retriever Model 2: 5E3 in a 5F2 cabinet. 12watts (2)6v6 in push/pull configuration. Optional Tremolo,  2x8 or 1x12 speakers. 

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