Sounds, Demos and YouTube

Thanks to all the musicians who where inspired to send us their
Goodsell Amp YouTube Clips.

Another great demo clip from Bryant Spann AKA Gen Dawg
and his Goodsell 6V6 Plexi head (4x6V6)

Brand new Goodsell KT66 amp demos from Bryant Spann AKA Gen Dawg

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This is all thru the (Goodsell) 1958, using my new Tele-style from Red Rocket.  That combo just nails early Crowes sounds.  I'm getting best results running thru a WGS Reaper loaded in a 2x12 cab.  Nice thumpy lows and sparkly highs. Thanks Bryant Spann.

Here's a demo of a Goodsell Custom V6 from Scott Clayton, includes an interview w/ Richard, Recorded at Diamond Street.

Another great entry from our pal Bryant Spann - this time the Goodsell Custom Model 1958

Thanks to David at Tritone Guitars for this great Valpreaux demo, clean AND dirty!

Goodsell Valpreaux Slide Guitar Demo

Goodsell GC-12t w/ 6973 power tubes and alnico speaker

First generation Goodsell Super 17 - Jazz Guitar

Goodsell Custom 33 - Phil Hurley Demo @ LA Amp Show

Goodsell Thunderball w/ 6V6 power tubes

Goodsell Super 17 (early model)

Goodsell Valpreaux (early model)

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